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06 December 2016

Goodness - no posts after March?

JP and Susan were in Puerto Rico in March, and I joined them there on the 24th.  We had a great sail around the east coast and the Spanish Virgins - I managed to drown my camera in a squall, but otherwise it was a great time.  Here are some random photos.

We left to fly to Europe (San Juan to JFK, JFK to Nice, and then Nice to BWI on the 17th (me) and the 21st (JP and Susan), which worked pretty well) and then JP and Susan headed back to PR on 9 May.  I'll have to leave  it to them to chart the southbound voyage, but I think they were able to stop at ??St Kitts  ??Nevis along with the usual spots.  They got back to Grenada in late June and flew back to Miami on 2 July, with Raconteur safely on the hard.  Here are a few photos Susan sent me, from Tyrell Bay on Carriacou to the haul-out.

All told, we had about 140 Raconteur days in 2016.  JP and Susan will return to her on 11 January, and once there is a float plan Leigh will try to figure out where to meet up.  We had lots of off-season (?!) events - two more visits to Roger, in July and in October, for his 90th birthday; a joint 60th celebration for JP and Leigh in NH in August; a blow out wedding in Kansas City, also in August; Leigh's mom's 80th birthday party in Lauderdale in November, and a visit from the oldest son of our French friends the Rogieri's in Chester and Lauderdale in December.  Merry Christmas and Happy 2017 to all!

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