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19 January 2017

Baack again!

It was with a slight sense of déjà vu that we boarded the American Airlines flight to Grenada on Thursday the 16th of January, this time with a full complement of veterinary students from the local (US) university. No less than eight service dogs, half a dozen service cats and uncounted other animals boarded the flight with us, a tribute to the ingenuity of veterinary doctors and doctors to be.  We moved in to the "cruiser motel" of Cool Runnings, and started the so called splashing process - with only two business days and a week-end to prepare the boat, we were counting both on total luck and hard work to be ready. Poseidon smiled on us, and despite an unexpected plumbing failure on Sunday morning, we were ready for the launch on Monday.
We are anchored in Prickly Bay, checking all systems, cooking up a storm to fill the freezer, and enjoying our swimming off the transom and our rum punches.