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02 November 2014

Cape Sounion Temple of Poseidon - return to Lavrion

18 September Temple of Poseidon - at anchor

We dinghied to the shore and tried to find the best way to walk to the temple. Leigh initially discouraged by the slope, but found a shortcut and joined the rest of the crew at the entrance of the temple. 

Beautiful sights and good ouzo and postcard writing with the sights of the Cape.

We then had lunch at very nice fish restaurant, Taverna Akrogiali, while rebooking the flights of Alexandra, caught up in yet another Air France strike.

Truly wonderful whole fish for the table...

Quiet evening on board with greek charcuterie.

19 September Cape Sounion - Lavrion 10 NM

We raised anchor at 11:10 and motored toward Lavrion. The crew of Moorings was at the ready at the entrance of the marina and took the boat in the narrow fairway. We docked at 12:20 and proceeded with the debrief and, sadly, the repacking.

Nice fish dinner at the marina restaurant. 

These 14 days were a wonderful experience, so much so that we began discussing seriously to move Raconteur to the Med for a couple of seasons....

Serifos Kutala - Kithnos Kolona - Cape Sounion

16 September Serifos to Kithnos Kolona 23 NM

We raised the anchor at 10:45 and motored against the wind at 9kt. Arrived at 14:40 in a beautiful bay with clear water. Anchored in N 37 24 855 E 24 22 649, facing the north side of the sand bar. 

We dined on board as the local taverna has a bad rep with cruisers. 

Swam to the bar and to the surrounding rocks. 

17 September Kolona to Cape Sounion 23 NM

We departed the sandbar at 09:10 and motorsailed in 15-18kt, arriving at 12:35, just ahead of a flash mob of yachts. 
Position N37 39 353 E 24 01 204. Took the opportunity to let out more chain when a motorboat left, N 37 39 340 E 24 01 209. 

Had dinner on board with spaghetti carbonara. 

Sadly loud party till one in the morning on the nearby Ba(v)barian catamaran...

Polyiagos - Sifnos Vahti - Serifos Kutala

14 September 12 NM

We had a long swim in the morning and raised anchor at 14:00, then motored to Vahti at 6.5kt. We anchored at 16:00 in N36 55 894 E 24 41 377. Vahti is round very protected bay with a small entrance between cliffs. Many boats anchored, provisioning is quite limited.
Had dinner at a very busy taverna on  the nearby beach. 

We visited the village of Apollonia by bus the next morning and had breakfast / lunch at a local bakery.

15 September 20 NM 

We raised anchor at 12:20 and motored to Serifos Kutala where we arrived at 15:05. Kutala is a large round bay with beautiful water and an excellent anchorage. 

Very few yachts, five or six in the afternoon, 2 left at night.

We dinghied to the local taverna, which is just a fisherman's house with 3 tables on the road next to the beach. 

It looked a bit scary at first, but the family managing it was really welcoming. 

No provisioning there.

Folegandros - Polyiagos Manolonisi

13 September 20 NM

We took the bus and visited the very picturesque Folegandros Chora in the morning, enjoying a few cappucinos and then some snacks and ouzo. 

We then returned to the boat and raised anchor at 15:25. We motorsailed about 30 degrees off the wind to Polyiagos and anchored around 18:00 in N 36 46 180 E 24 36 634. 
Magnificent anchorage with great swimming. Had dinner on board of risotto and pork chops.

Ios Manganari - Santorini - Folegandros

12 September 40 NM

We raised anchor at 06:55 and motored South to the Santorini caldera. We went around the caldera and checked the anchorages, all very questionable. No moorings left in Santorini itself, big cruise boat tendering. 

We then exited the caldera on the south west side and motorsailed to Folegandros in West winds 10-15kt, making 7.5kt. We anchored at 13:50 in Karavostasi bay pos N 36 36 847 E 24 56 934. Bottom a bit weedy...

Called the fuel truck and refueled at the ferry dock. Re-anchored in N 33 36 789 E 24 56 957, four or five yachts in the harbor. 
Had dinner at the Beach Taverna.

Ios Kora to Ios Manganari

11 September 

We visited the old town of Ios in the morning and provisioned. 

Had lunch at the Octopus Tree again and left the dock at 14:20

We arrived at Manganari Beach at 15:45 and anchored in N 36 39 395 E 25 22 108.
Beautiful sandy anchorage, had a nice swim and dined on board with burgers.