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08 June 2014

A beautiful season ends

It's here - haulout time, when we part-time cruisers take leave of the full-timers and head for terra firma aka lubberland. 

Grand Etang seen from the trail to Mount Qua Qua

We continued to enjoy the atmosphere and activities of Grenada: we went twice to the Mount Airie Young Readers Program and also contributed some books, hiked Mt. Qua Qua with Private Dancer and Tara, enjoyed rotisserie chicken nights at Whisper Cover with Receta, Tovarisch and Richard Cory, heard a wonderful singer, Sonika, at Le Phare Bleu and threw ourselves on the two-for-one pizza night at Prickly Bay.

At the summit with Mark, Mitch, Lisa, and Mel

on the "boat forklift" - an impressive machine

Then came cleaning, dismantling and storing -- a 2-page to-do list (with some of the crew a bit mutinous).  Payback time for a season of great sails, congenial encounters, and beautiful anchorages.

good-bye Raconteur!  keep safe, and dream of fair winds and turquoise water