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17 November 2011

Three months stretched to five...but soon.

We left Trinidad on the 5th of July; JP and Susan went back for a week to oversee a couple of projects and move Raconteur to the hard. Turns out to have been a good decision, since our planned three or so months away has stretched to five.

We spent a little time in Lauderdale in early July, then were on the road to Montreal, Chester, Chichester, New Haven, Nazareth, Pennsylvania, Chillicothe, Monte Carlo, Valence, Vonnas, France, back to Lauderdale, back to Chillicothe, back to Chester, back to Montreal, back to Chichester, back to Lauderdale, back to Montreal, back to get the picture.
JP en route back to Lauderdale from Montreal as I write; Susan is in Lauderdale, and I am in Rosslyn, Virginia (and home in Chester) until we all reconvene in Lauderdale tomorrow. Are you dizzy yet? Next week, looks like another round of Lauderdale, Montreal and Chichester before we FINALLY will book to return to Port of Spain, Chaguaramas, and Raconteur.

Once we get the bottom painted, deal with any issues that will have arisen in so many months on the hard, and get her back in the water, we will head to Grenada, where we will likely stay through the Christmas and New Year's holidays. After particular itinerary. We don't want to rush, so we will have to see what that implies for NEXT hurricane season (can't believe I am even talking about this, since THIS one doesn't officially end until 30 November, AND there is a Tropical low pressure system brewing east of the Eastern Caribbean right now.

We are all dreaming about a little turquoise water - and perhaps one or two of these.